Welcome to Soapberry Design Studio, Interesting choice of name, isn't it? Well...

A soapberry (yes it actually exists) from a soapberry or buffaloberry tree has been used for many moons as a natural detergent instead of soap. Interesting right! Well here at Soapberry we believe in creating New, Clean and Fresh designs for your business or your Special "I DO" Day.  Taking your dream or idea and washing it off with amazing design detergent for a great end product! Yep we do it all under one roof!

Have a look around...see if there is anything you like...pop us a mail and let us help you create your dream ideas!

A logo, business card and various corporate identity designs makes such an impact on the potential clients out there. Creating the right look and feel is so important to a company. Here at Soapberry we believe in creating that special look and feel that gives your company the edge.

That Special Day, that Special Moment, all the planning for months...we can help by taking some of the strain off your hands, creating beautiful elegant, vintage, modern, funky stationery for your "I Do" day.  There is nothing that gives us greater pleasure than adding something unique and special to your dream day! 

A little twist to our services... just a little something extra - for the bride & her bridal party or the individual that just wants to have a golden glow all year round! This is one special formula created by the amazing people from GoBrown. Trust us, it's one amazing product! Our clients are proof of how amazing this tan is!

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We at Soapberry are part of the amazing GoBrown Spraytan Company, operating as an agent in the Western Cape region.



The way a high quality sunless tan works is to permanently color your outer layer of skin and fades with time as your skin naturally exfoliates.  In order to ensure your tan lasts as long as possible, we use the highest quality solution. Your tan will last about a week and can lasts up to 2 weeks if you keep your skin well hydrated. The only way your tan can fade unevenly is if your skin exfoliates unevenly. So keep your skin well-moisturized for a long-lasting and gradually fading sunless tan.

In the hours immediately after your tanning session, it is best not to sweat or do dishes. Avoid anything that can cause your tan to streak. Do not moisturize until after your first shower. You don’t want to move the tanning solution around.

This is a mobile tanning salon. What is better than having a tan in the comfort of your own home or hotel room?


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